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How many chinese characters per day?

Posted by sideshowbob October 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: study, vocabulary

I'd like to hear from others, both more advanced and at my same level, how many chinese characters they are learning each day. Or trying to learn, at least.

    I am currently living in Chengdu, attending Si Chuan Da Xue, and our class so far averages about 100-125 characters per week. I'm starting to think this pace is just too much !  I can retain many of these new characters short-term, but the older ones fall out of the back of my head as one ones are added up front (!)

    Not looking for excuses here - I'll probably switch classes to a more moderate pace. Just looking for comparisons.

I'm using a combo of my chinese textbook (Ok, I guess) and Wenlin software to create flashcards, which I find very helpful.




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