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Posted by zhenlijiang June 14, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

(Jun 14 2010)   This is just a place to talk about Japanese, and Chinese, and English, if we like. In Japanese, or Chinese or English. 

pete, i took the cue to start a conversation here.  there's always a lot i'd like to discuss w/the Cpod community, on Chinese in relation to other languages, in particular (but not restricted to) my native Japanese.  sorry, way too many prepositional phrases in that last sentence.

btw just wondering if you have ever seen the TV show 中日之桥 (lit. China-Japan Bridge).  we get it here early saturday mornings but i gather it's an evening show over in Shanghai.  the hosts, a Chinese man 四海 and a Japanese girl 小森步, do all the talking in 日语 and the show is subtitled in 普通话. while it's not what i would call the best sample of broadcast-standard 日语 esp. for pronunciation reference (but 四海先生's style does have a certain appeal), some of the content can be interesting.

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