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Posted by lichunhuan1998 February 26, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

我是一名中国女孩,想结识一些在学汉语的English native speaker,并希望得到大家的帮助,看看下面的翻译有什么不当之处,尽请指出,i'll appreciate your help.


A wolf that hoots and wants to eat goats but never eats off always & a group of goats that conquer the threat by wisdom always and are very lucky – the cartoon “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” seems talking about a simple but a bit boring story, but it is quickly popular between the children and the young white-collar workers. The audiences from the white-collar workers almost exceed the ones from the children, and even some issued a slogan – I would like to marry Big Big Wolf. Why are so lots of the white-collar workers particularly for the female to keen for this cartoon which is originally produced for the children.


In the play, Big Big Wolf is a typical hen-pecked husband. Its wife “Red Wolf” is an ill-humored war horse who is dressing up herself beautifully as “Queen” everyday and is very harsh to its husband. Big Big Wolf is a typical Shanghai man and Red Wolf is a typical Shanghai woman. Someone summarizes 10 virtues for Big Big Wolf: love its wife better than itself, love laboring, smart & perseverance, be good at working by hands, never feel distressed in the money spent for its wife, single and wholehearted to its wife, never own the case-dough, be good at cooking, please to its wife” which get the applaud from lots of female net friends.

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