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Help! I've been invited to China.

Posted by dunderklumpen June 23, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Sorry for cluttering the board with this post but I just got to have a place where to put my thoughts. My head is spinning.

The day before yesterday I took my chinese friends for a trip in my tiny sailboat. When we were sailing the guy asked me if I wanted to go with them to China in 3 weeks. I was stunned. -I'll think about it, I said.
Later on that day he asked me again. I had repressed it. Stunned again. -I have to think.

Go, go, go! I hear you all poddies say; but you remember I'm not a globetrotter. I travel abroad one time per ten years... It's the longest trip I have ever done if it comes true.

At the present I'm still a bit confused. Do they really want me to join their trip? They are living at my place and are going to visit some relatives in China. We have been friends for a few months. The woman has not asked me in personal to come with them, so I wonder if the guy wants to 请 (qing3) me join but the woman don't want to or is not too excited about it. I really don't want to go if I'm considered a burden to anyone of them.

How can I figure out if they both are frank about this? Spending 2 weeks together is a bit more than a casual 10 minute chat in a restaurant.


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