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wherefore art thou miantiao?

Posted by Tal July 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

My friends, in the hall of warriors, there is an empty seat. There is a certain 又爽气又热情的好汉 who is not amongst us. Err... recently. You know who I mean. He is a stalwart and a worthy bro who hails from the Southern continent, and I believe he may even have been planning to go into kangaroo farming, (I gave him the idea though.) At times he may have inclined to the choleric, (indeed he and I once exchanged harsh words - me so dumb, how I wish I could take them back! ), but if so it was only ever because he had a big heart and an appetite for life. His enthusiasm for learning Chinese was second to none, and his passion for communication inspired us all. So now I ask, in our hour of need, with the sock puppets Romulans at the city gate, wherefore art thou miantiao? And I raise a glass of blood wine to you man wherever you are, may your kangaroos always get home.

P.S. Shakespeare fans will be on me like a ton of bricks for misusing the Bard's immortal words. Relax boys and girls, I know that 'wherefore' actually means 'why', that Juliet was asking 'oh why do you have to be called Romeo?' (I was forever trying to explain this to my ex-wife, who every time she couldn't get through to someone on the phone or a fave TV show started late used to call out this phrase, forever warping my view of womanhood in the process.) No look this thread is for drivel right, so I'll still ask 'wherefore' art thou miantiao! And it still works! Yes!

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