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Getting your MA in Chinese

Posted by clairebaer August 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

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This discussion started in a Qing Wen episode, but I want to hear some input from other people or hear about experiences related to getting your MA in Chinese Studies or Linguistics with a concentration in Chinese. 

I am interested in knowing about any program or any name of a school to look up to get my MA in Chinese language or Linguistics with a focus on Chinese. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to give me more detailed information exactly to my situation, you can read below :)

I have just moved back to the west (currently I am in Istanbul, but will be returning to the States sometime September) after living in Sichuan for 2 years. I was working as a Peace Corps volunteer in 攀枝花. I have studied Chinese informally with a tutor for about 16 hours a week for 2 years. I think I have some solid foundations in Chinese (HSK level 3). My strength are in Oral Chinese and my eagerness to learn Chinese and my obsession with Chinesepod.

I am trying to figure out the next step in my life, but one thing is for sure, in 2010/2011 I want to get my MA and preferably in Chinese language. Since I am a native German speaker, I would optimally be interested in actually doing Chinese-German translations.

Anyways, that aside, I want to know how I can start an MA in Chinese, when I have only studied Education for my undergrad. Before my 2 years in China I had no idea about the language, so I am relatively new, and though I think my level isn't the lowest in practice, on paper I don't have anything but the past 2 years to show for Chinese. I don't even have my HSK certificate (different story, but it involved having to leave China with only 4 days notice).

I am looking for programs that would be willing to take me in preferably the Sates or Europe ( I am a dual citizen, so I would actually prefer Europe, cause it'd be cheaper, but am open to anything). I am not even necessarily looking for an MA program, I am just looking for something, even a job, in which I can use my Chinese and am encouraged to continue learning it.

Why not study in China?--- Down the road, yes, but after living sooo sooo far away from everything near and dear, I just want to spend some time with laoweis and family. Also, if I could actually get an MA from an American or European school, I think it'd be better applicable to finding a job in either the US or Europe.

Thank you!

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