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Define Chineseness

Posted by user26513 August 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: identity, culture, nation, diaspora

Using this service, Chinespod, I wonder at times, how people of the different language groups of the  華人 consider the theoretical nature of Chineseness. History, language, food, writing system, customs? All seem to vary a great deal within Greater China and its communities worldwide.

Some aspects of history can be a point to think a certain degree of familiarness to what it is to be Chinese. This question could be thrown the other way, what is to be European/Western, Latino, African,  etc.  Until about 500-600 years ago, the Japanese were proud of their Chineseness, but division of "race" ( forgive the archaic word which is meaningless in scientific terms, but still socially used) had further been reinforced with European colonial powers.

This could call for another lesson, but I would like to hear some insights on the concept of Chineseness.

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