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Posted by zhenlijiang September 23, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .


Told your bud too just how easy and fun Cpod is to abuse then did you?

Unless I'm mistaken you're currently under the most ridiculous, glitchiest posting ban ever--you lucky dawg!

IMO Japanese isn't a language teachable to lower level learners over podcasts. Somebody living in Japan and trying to learn from Jsomethingpod is going to get about as much learning done as you did in your year+ in China, told him that too did you if he's your bud?

Commit, invest and engage if you think you're going to learn the language of the country you're residing in. Have a little respect.

Here's looking forward to seeing your ban finally take effect (this delay, no fault of yours of course).

cheers cheers cheers

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