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Booklist of essential reading material for learning Chinese

Posted by chanelle77 October 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

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This morning I was looking through old threads to find suggestions on (etymology) dictionaries (Changye mentioned a few I remembered). I realized there is no place on Cpod where you can look up info on specific study / reference material. Maybe we can post our favorite "old school" media (books) or reading suggestions in this thread so others can benefit from it?
I start with something I am busy with at this moment: Alice in Wonderland. You can find this book in Chinese (25 RMB) and English (21 RMB) in big Cities in China and I "read" (well try to read) both at the same time. First I read the English version, and then the Chinese and I think this will help me with my Chinese in the long run. I can be wrong, but it is worth to try and I like it. After I am finished with this one I might go for Harry Potter :-)

Not sure how to organize this book thing, but it is a start and any suggestions input is welcome!

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