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What's the measure word of 腰 (yāo, waist)?

Posted by simonpettersson October 20, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Usually either nciku or CC-CEDICT can give me the measure word, but not always. I've ordered a measure word dictionary, but it hasn't arrived yet. Can anyone here give me an answer?

One might ask "Why the hell do you need a measure word for waists? How often do you need to count waists?" My approach here is to learn one or several measure words for every noun I learn. I'm convinced the only way to get this stuff right is to get into the Chinese way of thinking, and for that I need as many examples of measure words as I can learn. In fact, that slightly unorthodox ones might be good clues.

Probably the answer is just "Uh, I'd use gè", but maybe not? So what measure word goes with 腰?

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