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I have progressed!

Posted by simonpettersson November 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: Yay!

This is a stupid post. But I'm posting it anyway, because I'm happy. I recently tried an Upper Intermediate lesson and found it at just the right level, as I've found the Intermediate lessons too easy lately. They usually have good specialized vocabulary, but there are always a number of general terms I already know. So I hesitantly tried a UI lesson, and it's great! Challenging but not incomprehensible.

A month ago there was no way I could get through a UI lesson. Now I can. I'm very, very happy. Here's to hoping I get to Advanced before I come to China in four months ...

Thank you, ChinesePod, for your awesome site which has enabled me to learn so quickly. I'm absolutely certain that no other program would have enabled me to progress this fast. I love you all, each and every one of you wonderful people who work so hard to give us learners such a great learning environment and high-quality lesson material.

Yeah, I'm being mushy, I know. But that's because I'm happy. I'd better stop now before I embarrass myself.

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