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Saying Hello -- New Translator

Posted by JasonSch November 6, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .


I'd like to send out a hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm Jason, 'JasonSch' and I'm the new translator here at Chinesepod. I started a little over a month ago, but I've been mostly behind the scenes until now. 

I was an avid user at Chinesepod in the early days (I was even on the Saturday show once!) and have been following the site since. I couldn't be happier working here.

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and got my B.A. in East Asian studies. My emphasis was a combination of both language and history. When I came to China, I fell in love with the people, places, foods and of course, the language. I then decided to relocate here after graduating and truly begin my journey with Chinese, really get to know 'China' and learn anything else that may come my way. I've spent nearly all of my time here devoted to said endeavor and not an ounce of me has regretted it since. 

Translation began as simply a study method for me and has since developed into something I truly enjoy. In fact, I wouldn't even call it work if it weren't for the deadlines. :) One of the great things about translating for Chinesepod specifically is that it provides a place to discuss and work through the language as a community. If you bump into any translations you have questions about, feel free to PM me. I'll also do my best to stay active on the boards and answer any questions there as well.

Again, I'm stoked to be here and am looking forward to working with everyone.


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