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Reading novels.

Posted by tianfeng July 27, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Is anyone here to the point where they can actually sit down and enjoy reading a real  Chinese book? More than news papers that are written for information or children's books with simple stories but a book that you can actually appreciate the writing style.  I am still at the point where it seems like so much work and confusion to sift through a book. I read 鲁迅‘s 呐喊 but the right had English and the left had Chinese.  I couldn't have done it with out the English.   I read at about 1 page every 15 minutes and it really tires me out.  Speaking and listening are so much easier.  I have been this way for a while and I really wish i could get past it. I know there is so much great chinese literature out there to read and I really want to enjoy it. 

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