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Dear CPod (Tech/Site Issues):

Posted by zhenlijiang March 18, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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(edited March 19, 2009)
This thread is for requesting attention to tech and site issues. All are welcome to use it.
As always, we appreciate
responses from the ChinesePod Team——提前感谢

(from original post Nov 19, 2009)
Hi CPod, I have a couple of questions--but first, (and I know you're working on this already) the PMs still aren't working right. An hour or two ago I PM'd Ousijia w/CC to myself, which I didn't receive.

re: My Archive

Does My Archive 'disperse' immediately upon expiry of our subscription? If I let my subscription expire then return in say, two days, will I have to re-build my lesson archive from scratch?

Thank you in advance!

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