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The Apples of the dumped chinese girl

Posted by kimiik July 30, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Is it an upward trend to send Apples to a chinese girl at the end of a relationship ?

I've just checked on Wikipedia and there's an explanation : 由于苹果的“苹”字与平安的“平”字同音,因此苹果在中国文化中有平安、吉利的意义。在中国文化中,赠送苹果表示祝愿受赠者平平安安。(

To summarize, the chinese for apple is 苹果 and the character 苹 is an homonym of the character 平 meaning Calm, Equal, Peaceful, Even.... So in chinese the Apple is the fruit of Calm and Peace.

But does it work in other occasions ? Is it possible to send some Apples to a man after a break-up ? If I want to terminate a contract should I send Apples to the opposite part ? 


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