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How to say 'work' in Chinese?

Posted by xiaophil January 14, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

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I sometimes stumble when I try to translate the word ‘work' into Chinese.  Most of us know that the most basic translation of ‘work' is 工作.  In English however, the usage of ‘work' hardly stops there.  I'm hoping that we can translate these sentences.

1.       My computer isn't working.  我的电脑坏了wǒde diànnǎo huàile

2.       My computer works.

3.       I don't know how to make my cell phone work.  (yes, similar to 2, but I think subtly different; regardless, a useful sentence construction)

4.       Look, this relationship/cooperation isn't working.

5.       That singer really can work a crowd.  (i.e. he/she can get the crowd excited.)

6.       Let's work together to solve this problem.  

7.       We need to work towards a solution.

谢谢 in advance!

Bonus question: Do Chinese people ever say anything like "Thanks in advance"?

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