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Which 了s belong here and which don't.

Posted by xiaophil March 1, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question.


Yeah, it's true.  I still don't get when to use 了.  I have seen examples and explanations galore, but it seems everytime I write something and someone corrects my mistakes, there is a problem with 了.  I just wrote the following comment in another post.  I used 了 several times.  If some of you dare to confront the dreaded 了, please take a look at the 了s and tell me if A) the are correct, B) not correct or C) optional.  I would also be curious to know if I should have added any 了s somewhere else.  Explanations would be a bonus.  Thanks.

有一天我在一所英文培训学校参加新雇员培训,那时还有两个别人参加。到中午的时候,我们的教员说那里周围有好多饭店。我说“不好意思,我吃素,这里 周围有合适素食者的饭店?”然后另外一个“新雇员”同事说“其实,我也吃素”,然后最后的新雇员同事说了“你们不会相信我,但是我也吃素”。其中三个新 雇员之内,百分之百是素食者!

PS: I was liberal with 了, sometimes placing it where I wasn't sure it had to be just to see people's reactions.

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