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reversing words : 反词语 ?

Posted by goulnik September 14, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Quite a few 2-character words are still meaningful when the characters are reversed, same meaning, verb become noun, or different meaning. I think it would be useful to systematically point it out, would come at little cost as new characters are acquired. Here's some examples from a few recent lessons, I'm sure there are lots of others :

期满 qīmǎn / 满期 mǎnqī
故事 gùshi / 故 shìgù
光亮 guāngliàng / 亮光 liàngguāng
学农 xuénóng / 农学 nóngxué
下乡 xiàxiāng / 乡下 xiāngxia
警告 jǐnggào / 告警 gàojǐng
喜欢 xǐhuan / 欢喜 huānxǐ
性感 xìnggǎn / 感性 gǎnxìng
美貌 měimào / 貌美 màoměi


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