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Best technology to consume ChinesePod

Posted by trevorb September 20, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I've been using CPod for some time now but want to find ways to make it more accessible to me.  I've been burning the MP3's to a CD I can use in the car and reading the transcripts on line when I can, often quite out of phase.

 I don't own any form of MP3 player but feel this may well help me, the question is are there any recommendations for a player?  I want to be able to listen to the lessons, possibly in a random order and to be able to setup playlists etc.  But I also want to see the transcripts.  I've obviously looked at the iPod line (hmmm iPod touch...) but want to make sure I get the easiest and most compatible device so I thought I'd ask the question here as you will have tried a range and will know that they display hanzi etc.

 So anyone got any recommendation?

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