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越...越... (yuè ... yuè ...)

Posted by go_manly April 24, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

In one of my grammar books, it is stated that in the 越[verb1]越[verb2]pattern, the first verb can be a stative verb or an activity verb (to use their terminology), but the second verb must be a stative verb. Stative verbs include what English speakers think of as adjectives.

So we can say, 我越吃越胖 (Wǒ yuè chī yuè pàng) The more I eat, the fatter I get.

But what if I wanted to say 'The fatter I get, the more I eat' ?

吃 is an 'activity verb', so if this book is correct, I can't say 我越胖越吃.

How would I say this, and how would I say 'The fatter I get, the less I eat' ?

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