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一次 and 一遍

Posted by pinkfreak May 6, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

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okay so at my college there's alot of diffrent opinions on this so i am realy confused so i do not like to use them.

one professor says 一次 is said when you want to say that you did something but NOT from start to finish ,you did not complete it while 一遍 is said when you want to say you did something all over again i do not realy understand what that means !!

i also have some examples that another professor gave me and i also do not understand them.

1)dai4fu shuo1 wo3 de xue4ya1 bu4 zheng4chang2, ming2tian1 hai2 yao4 lai2 liang4 一次 .

2)jin1tian1 de han4zi lao3shi1 rang4 wo3men2 xie3 liang3 一遍

3)ta1 zui4jin4 jin4 le liang3 次 cheng2

4)wo3 de dui4 ying2 le 一次

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