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Avoid using 谢谢 too much?

Posted by dreiundzwanzig May 24, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

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Avoid using 谢谢 too much?

Many times I noticed that in "daily business" Chinese people wouldn't say 谢谢 when I personally think (or am trained to think :)) it would be appropriate. By "daily business" I mean the usual situations a far-to-go Chinese learner would find himself in, for example at the convenience store or at a restaurant. I am used to say "thanks" after getting my change, getting my food served by the waitor and so on. I've almost never heard a Chinese saying thanks in these situations.
Now, I also heard that you should sometimes even try to avoid saying 谢谢, because it is said to emphasize a certain distance between you and the person you thank for something. An example would be to if you, as a foreigner, would be married to a Chinese person, got invited by their parents to have dinner at their place and would thank them for invitation, the food, etc. - even if you've already been knowing each other for quite a while.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any experiences, examples? When do you say 谢谢, when not? Should you actually avoid saying it as often as you're probably used too?

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