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Chengyus and Suyus as magical spells

Posted by henning October 15, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Actually I hate Chengyus and Suyus as they at least double the amount of relevant vocab - and they are really hard to get into long term memory. But I am thankful that CPod puts much weight on them in the Advanced lessons.

I myself occasionally need them for bolstering my position in family politics: My wife uses Chengyus exactly like spells in a Harry Potter novel. If she doesn't want to give a rational explanation anymore for a decision, she recklessly throws an evil Chengyu at me. "What it means? It means exactly that I am right" (which of course is usually indeed true, but that shall not to be debated here).

Once in a while now I indeed immediately understand those spells now. That is Phase 1. In Phase 2 I will come with counter-spells. As for each Chengyu or Suyu there is at least one that says exactly the opposite...  

So Chengyus and Suyus are always welcome. Give me the counter-weapons and I am even happier...

Anyone else with similar experiences? 

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