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The dangers of speaking Chinese

Posted by bodawei June 28, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Just heard an interview with 冯崇義 Feng Chongyi Professor in China Studies at University of Technology Sydney - he spoke about how much the erstwhile (famously Chinese speaking) Australian Prime Minister fell out with the Chinese leadership. They did not like his references to human rights. 冯崇義 (who is himself well-connected in China) raised the point that BECAUSE Kevin Rudd speaks Chinese, the Chinese expected him to show a greater understanding of these things (that is, the Chinese perspective.) China expected a lot from the relationship because of his Chinese speaking ability and were sorely disappointed. The thing is, Australian politicians are elected by Australians - so Kevin Rudd behaved in a way that appealed to Australians. To a fault. In the end he tripped up trying to please the people too much. The Chinese shouldn't have been disappointed - they were maybe showing a bit of naivety about Australian institutions.

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