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Leisure-time Activities and Mahjong Beijing Standard Time

Leisure-time Activities and Mahjong
David, Jason
activities, mahjong, leisure

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What do you do after work? Go out to bars? How about joining your Chinese colleagues and going out to karaoke, arguably young Chinese peoples' favorite leisure activity. While elderly Chinese don't necessarily love KTV, they do far more than just sitting inside and watching TV. In today's show, David, Jason and our guest, Miss He, will tell you how Chinese people spend their leisure-time. Also, we will talk about the greatest game that almost every Chinese person knows, Mahjong. So how about the Chinese people you know? What do they usually do? Feel free to log on and share with us! If you want more info on on leisure activities in China, take a look at ChinesePod's lessons on mahjong and karaoke!

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