ChinesePod is proud to have an affiliation with companies who offer complimentary tools to help teachers, students and corporate teams grow and learn faster. Here are additional resources to help you reach your goal in learning Mandarin Chinese.

BRIC Language Learning

Chinesepod partners with BRIC to bring you the fastest way to learn Mandarin! Supplement your online learning with BRIC’s online, face-to-face, modern language training courses. BRIC and ChinesePod bring you BlendTech Accelerated Learning, designed for business professionals and multinational corporations.

Private business Mandarin classes by BRIC are customized to fit your business goals. If your company has 3 or more people interested in signing up for BRIC’s world class Mandarin Chinese training you can enjoy discounted rates while working to enhance your business footprint in China. The BRIC team has build custom language packages for a number of the world’s largest companies.

Outlier Linguistics

You might know Outlier Linguistics from the Pleco Dictionary App. They have created a dictionary to focus on understanding Chinese characters by showing how the characters work as a system, rather than as a bunch of disconnected single characters to be individually mastered. Outlier Linguistics offers a systematic approach to Chinese characters and functional components. ChinesePod subscribers get a including the in-depth Masterclass.

Become a master at learning Chinese characters with the 90 day online video course. ChinesePod subscribers get a 20% discount on all products on their site with promo code ChinesePod20.

Real China

Providing the most educational, enlightening, and fulfilling China travel experience, Real China Group works closely with schools, Universities, and Corporations to provide immersion travel.

Real China wants to provide the most educational, enlightening and fulfilling China travel experience for ChinesePod by offering dedicated ChinesePod trips and discounts for our subscribers. With the growing importance of the US-China relationship, we believe that it is principally through travel that one can gain fresh perspectives and understanding. Share our passion for China with a fascinating visit managed by local professionals!