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Say It Right. The new video course from ChinesePod.

Say it Right is a ChinesePod original video course with game-changing instruction on how to master Chinese pronunciation. Gain the confidence and skill to
speak like a native.

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Speak Chinese the right way

A lesson with three steps. Video, drill and worksheet.

Every lesson works as a three-step process

First watch the video, then practice speaking with the review drills, and finally test your knowledge with our lesson worksheets.

16 amazing videos. You won’t find this content anywhere else.

Sixteen videos & seven hours of content

ChinesePod provides the most extensive Chinese pronunciation instruction available. You won't find any course like the Say It Right series... on or offline.

Nail down the three most difficult parts of pronunciation.

We cover the most difficult parts of learning pronunciation

Xu Laoshi, our pronunciation expert, gives you insight into mastering pinyin, tones, and difficult sounds in the Say It Right series.

All new interface to study the course.

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Experience ChinesePod like you never have before with our new course player. Watch the videos in the suggested order or study on your own. Also track your progress, earn badges and easily switch between lessons.

Speak like a native, say Mandarin the right way!

Speak Chinese like a native

By the end of the course you will have acquired the necessary tools to sound like a native. Our course will give you the confidence that you can say anything in Mandarin the right way.

Don’t struggle to speak Chinese

Learn to speak with confidence!