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Sillyman, where is your shirt?

Posted by bodawei August 18, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Coupla questions: 1. I am wondering if ChinesePod vets avatars at all?  (No doubt they are just happy to have them working again.)  The reason I ask is that 'new user' Sillman seems, from his avator, to rarely take off his shirt.  Question 2. But he has done so for his ChinesePod avator, I wonder why? (Maybe Sillyman would like to share?  Maybe it has some relevance to learning Chinese.)  I love the human body (as a principle and also in some discrete cases), but not Sillyman's specifically.  Nor do I advocate censorship.  

PS. I am of course making the assumption that the avatar portrays Sillyman himself, and not for example his best friend. 

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