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世上最难数中文!Chiese is the most difficult

Posted by helenren October 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

谢 谢 大 家!I  WILL   LEAVE....

This  is my  last day here for Chinesepot is only free for a week.I LOVE THIS SITE .I WILL MISS YOU ALL! I found many kindness person here who helped me with Eglish ,and some became my friends.Thank you for all you help.The grammar definitely kill me!


I have learned English for 10 years.That was really a long-period job.But,I didn't learn it by heart often.we have to learn English as second language in middle school ,high school ,and university.Because one who good at English will get a better job in china in most of time.I am just a average lever among my classmates.To be a native English speaker is so lucky that you can learn any language if you like. haha ~~Anyway ,I like learning English .
 I should tell you all here that you choose the most  complex and difficult language in the word to learn.Even chinese natives can't grasp it very well.Don't worry ,you meet a girl who always get A at Chinese literature and language class....


Irene Ren

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