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Unforgettable 中国 experiences!!

Posted by ousijia October 23, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .


It would be interesting to hear people's most unforgettable experiences in China or to do with Chinese! Anyone who has ever been to China will undoubtedly have either a funny/embarrassing/awkward/upsetting experience to share! So use this group to tell us all your stories.

My most unforgettable experience happened to me a couple of years ago when I was a student living in Beijing. I was moving down to Shanghai with all my stuff and decided to take the sleeper train down in order to save some money (being a poor student and all!) So I jumped into a taxi with four huge bags and headed towards the train station. Due to ridiculously heavy Beijing traffic I arrived at the station only 10 minutes before the train was scheduled to leave. With no cash on me (stupidly), and no more money left to buy another train ticket if I missed this one, I naturally began to panic! I politely (and rather desperately) asked a couple of men if they would help me with my bags - but they would only do it for 50quai! Then, with only 7 minutes to get onto the train I burst into tears! Luckily, one man felt sorry for me, so grabbed my bags and legged it towards the train station, with me sprinting closely behind him. Once inside we had a job to push our way through the crowd of people and security, at which point I really did believe I was going to miss the train! However, out of the middle of nowhere, this 10 year old Chinese boy shouted ' 我 帮助你' and promptly ran ahead screaming to everyone to 'move out the way!' We had created so much of a stir that a policeman was now also following us trying to stop the guy carrying my luggage as he didn't have a ticket. Anyways, I don't know how we did it, but we managed to get me and all my luggage onto the train just as the doors were closing - a definite photo finish! Sadly the poor man who had helped with my bags received a hit to the head by a baton and escorted away by the policeman. I never got the opportunity to thank him for his kindness.

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