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I can't stand Chinese music

Posted by simonpettersson December 15, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Anyone else feel this way? No, it's not that "it's all mushy pop songs" or anything like that. It's just that any and all music sung in Chinese sounds like it's sung by Americans who have just learned the language and didn't care about pronounciation. It always sounds like they're mangling the Chinese language. I'm all "If you can't pronounce it properly, sing in a different language! You're just embarrassing yourself."

It's all because of the lack of tones, of course. Remove the tones from Chinese and it doesn't sound like Chinese. If you've heard someone speak Chinese with all the wrong tones, you know what I'm talking about. Anyone who sings in Chinese sounds like that to me.

Am I alone in this?

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