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You're a 10 yr old Chinese boy. What do you like?

Posted by zhenlijiang April 16, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hi--need a little help here!
Could anyone tell me what are some things fourth-grader (city) boys in China would be into now? Games? TV shows? Sports teams? Who are their heroes? Anything at all.

I've been given a chance to 交流 with some kids (grades 4-6) from Hangzhou visiting Tokyo in a school exchange next week. Other than helping them communicate (but I'm afraid a lot of that is going to consist of "sorry, could you say that again a lot more slowly, in simple language?" and "uh sorry, could you say that in English please?") two days at school, I'll also be staying at my friends' who are hosting two of the fourth grader boys for the three nights.
I was friends with the host mom first. When the two kids--姐姐现在上初中,弟弟上小学--came along they also became my friends. (^v^)   It will be like a mini-camp with all those kids sleeping in the same house, so much fun just having dinner together and scrambling in the morning with four kids (+ me) getting ready for school at once. 我很兴奋!

I do remember what it's like to be a ten-year-old, but that was in quite a different era. Also I was never a boy. Any clues would be greatly appreciated!  谢谢   (^o^)丿

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