Finding Work in China

Thinking about coming to China to work? Whether you are just starting out your career or are being relocated by your firm, working and living in the Middle Kingdom presents many exciting challenges. Listen to today's show to find out. BTW, from this week on, Jenny and David will be joined by Fiona from Taipei as the trio brings you a broader perspective on various issues.

Here's a list of words and phrases used in the show:
1) 混血 hùnxuě: mixed race
2) 乡下 xiāngxià: rural
3) 澎湖 pénghú: Penghu County, Taiwan
4) 二三线城市 èrsānxiànchéngshì: second and third tier cities
5) 少之又少 shǎozhīyòushǎo: less and less
6) IT男 ITnán: geek
7) 宅男 zháinán: homeboy (Otaku)
8) 自由职业 zìyóuzhíyè: freelance
9) 硬性 yìngxìng : compulsory
10) 本土 běntǔ: local
11) 入境随俗 rùjìngsuísú: When in Rome do as the Romans
12)加班文化 jiābānwénhuà: overtime culture
13)资格老 zīgélǎo: senior, more experienced
14)国有企业 guóyǒuqǐyè: state owned company
15)创造性工作 chuàngzàoxìnggōngzuò: creative work

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Published by David Xu @ July 16, 2014.

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