It’s Complicated: A Love and Hate Relationship between Taiwan and China

The recent student protests in Taiwan against a service and trade agreement with Mainland China exemplify a very complicated relationship between the two. This week we look at the misunderstanding, antagonism and ideological differences that divide Taiwan and China as well as a much friendlier reality of cultural and population flow that connects the people from these two places.

Here\'s a list of words and phrases used in today's show:

  1. 台湾 Táiwān: Taiwan
  2. 大陆 Dàlù: Mainland China
  3. 反服贸抗议 Fǎn fúmào kàngyì: anti service and trade agreement protest
  4. 茶叶蛋 Cháyèdàn: tea egg
  5. 自由行 Zìyóuxíng: non-group tour
  6. 恩主 Ēnzhǔ: compassionate giver
  7. 看不起 Kànbùqǐ: look down on
  8. 人情味 Rénqíngwèi: friendly, warm hearted
  9. 素质 Sùzhì: quality of character
  10. 五月天 Wǔyuètiān: May Day (a Taiwanese band)


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Published by Alexander.Folkenflik @ April 16, 2014.

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