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上海垃圾分类回收可 Advanced PREMIUM

We’ve heard so much about waste recycling and ways to protect the environment. Now in this lesson we listen to the news about a new recycling initiative in one of the most populated cities in the world - Shanghai. Residents in the city can now use mobile technology to request for door pickup recycling services. Let’s begin the lesson to find out how! 我们已经听说过废(經聽說過廢)物回收和保护环(護環)境的方法。现在,在本课中,我们将听(們將聽)取有关(關)世界上人口最多的城市之一 - 上海的新回收计划(計劃)的消息。该市的居民现在可以使用移动(動)技术来请(術來請)求门(門)取件回收服务(務)。让(讓)我们开(們開)始上课(課),了解具体(體)方法! Make sure to check the Practice section for the full article!

Anna, Tamia
recycling, waste, trash, environment, ecology, technology

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