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More Measure Words 更多量词 Newbie PREMIUM

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  • More Measure Words 更多量词 Newbie PREMIUM


    In this All the Way to Intermediate lesson, we continue with Chinese measure words. While you learned some useful ones in the previous lesson, there are even more to go. Follow along and expand your vocabulary. Make sure to watch the previous lesson, if you haven't done so! Introducing Measure Words 基本量词 [ATWTI 29]

    If you think you've missed some of the series, check our playlist here: All the Way to Intermediate

    In addition, you'll find some supplementary lessons on classifiers here:


    Important Measure Words for Food and Drink

    All About Measure Words

    Measure Word Fundamentals: 个,只,条,张

    Measure Words for Counting People

    Pens and Notebooks

    Do Your Measure Words Measure Up?


    Measure Words for Animals

    Pair, Set, Match 双, 副, 对 , 套

    Measure Words for Food


    Measure Words for Verbs 动量词

    Constance Fang, Fiona Tian
    measure words, classifier, video, ATWTI

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