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To Know: 懂,了解,明白,知道 Qing Wen PREMIUM

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  • To Know: 懂,了解,明白,知道 Qing Wen PREMIUM


    In this lesson, we take an in-depth look at 5 words that all roughly translate as "to know". Now we could just simplify your life and say they all basically mean the same thing, but instead, we're gonna bring a microscope into class and really see what the differences are between...

    • S: 懂,了解,明白,知道 & 这样啊
    • T: 懂,了解,明白,知道 & 這樣啊
    • P: dǒng, liǎojiě, míngbái, zhīdào & zhèyàng a

    Take your time with this lesson and use the chaptering and example sentences to get the most out of your study.

    Constance Fang, Fiona Tian
    video, synonyms

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