Learn Mandarin Chinese: 5 Reasons Why

New languages — learning them is always a good idea. We live in a world where everything is constantly changing, so we must adapt.

Here at ChinesePod we believe tackling a new language is always a great first step for people of all ages. The most important thing to know is which language you should learn. Here are 5 reasons Mandarin should be your choice.

1. Chinese language is spoken by more people than any other language in the world

Chinese is a language that is spoken across the globe. There are more than one billion people who speak Chinese in Asia alone. And almost 900 million of those people speak Mandarin! You will find even more speakers around the rest of the globe, many of which are not necessarily Chinese people.

Learning Mandarin at www.chinesepod.com will help you in many ways in your life. ChinesePod allows you to study at you own pace, whenever and wherever you are. Additionally, it’s truly a gift to be part of a group with so many speakers.

2. Learn about Chinese history and culture

China has a lot to offer when it comes to history. China is one of the oldest continuing civilizations in the world with one of the richest cultures. Filled with talented artists, incredible temples and artifacts, you will always find something fascinating to learn about Chinese culture.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Being able to speak Mandarin, you will actually be able to read all sorts of books and watch many movies in Chinese. It is always better to be able to experience everything created in its native language. Learn more in this video on the benefits of reading in Mandarin, featuring Mandarin Companions.

3. Learning Chinese isn’t all that difficult

While many people believe learning Mandarin is difficult, you shouldn’t let this idea stop you from learning the language. Chinese characters might seem scary, but written Chinese doesn’t have particular tenses or conjugations for verbs, so it becomes a lot easier to manage. Plus, Chinese has Pinyin — Pinyin(拼音) which literally means “spelled sounds”. Per Wikipedia, it was “introduced to primary schools as a way to teach Standard Chinese pronunciation and used to improve the literacy rate among adults.”

When you study Chinese you will soon come to find that speaking Chinese is even easier than writing it. You can easily practice and learn to speak Mandarin by listening to songs or watching movies and shows without subtitles. This way, you will be learning Mandarin Chinese in no time!

4. Boost your career

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Knowing Mandarin Chinese is bound to be an eye-catching skill on your CV. China’s economy is one of the world’s biggest and it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

By learning how to speak Mandarin, your employer will know that you will be able to work with companies and clients from outside your country. If you are looking to be involved in international business, this could be a great opportunity for you! Simon, with www.dawnoftruth.com, participated in the speak Mandarin Chinese in 90 days challenge.

5. Understanding Mandarin will help you to communicate while traveling

Did you know that Mandarin is not only spoken in China? Countries like Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore along with many others have large Chinese populations. Knowing Mandarin, you will be able to make your travels a lot easier.

Speaking more than one language will allow you to travel to many different countries and be able to communicate with the locals on a better level. It will also help you to better experience the country. While most people want to just travel to Hong Kong so that they can use English to communicate, you will be able to see so many more places!

Forming Questions with 吗 ma [ATWTI 21] · Chinese Lesson

Learning a language can broaden your horizons

Whether you wish to travel more, expand your future career opportunities or even learn the history of China, Mandarin is definitely the language you should pick to learn.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to learn Mandarin, you should definitely use ChinesePod. Not only do they help you learn easily and on the go, they also do not require you to have any previous knowledge of the language. Give it a try and you will definitely not be disappointed!