• tgjones

    I claim the honour of being the first non-spam comment… These look like great choices, Karl, thanks for posting this. The only one I’ve watched so far is Red Cliff – I’m looking forward to seeing the others!

  • Jane Field

    Wow you didn’t list any of my top Chinese movies
    1) Moment of Love – Girl thinks she is marrying the wrong person while finding the right one. YOU WILL CRY ! Everyone does.
    2) A Good Rain Knows – Lost love is found again after many years. GREAT Soundtrack
    3) Ocean Heaven (2010) – Dying father tries to prepare son with autism for life without him. YOU WILL CRY
    4) If You Are The One 非诚勿扰(电影 – Beautiful settings for love that just won’t work
    All the above are better then the ones mentioned, in my opinion

  • I’m going to check these out – thanks!

  • mhm2908 .

    Thanks. I checked out the video for God of Cookery but it is in Cantonese. Also I tried to look at Love is not Blind but it did not play.

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  • I think there are others china films that people should see before they die…anyway thanks for the recommendations

  • Infestedcow

    Ipman is a pretty good chinees movies there are even 3 movies of it, if u like martial arts that is

  • Cyril Berthelon

    Thanks for the article, I didn’t hear about all of them so I will watch them during my free time !

  • Andrew

    I have seen these movies and they are good.

    Watch Let the Bullets Fly online

  • tammy

    I love the God of Cookery
    Watch God of Cookery online

  • metrodorus

    Thanks for this list!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing. Love is Not Blind
    My favorite is