• tgjones

    I claim the honour of being the first non-spam comment… These look like great choices, Karl, thanks for posting this. The only one I’ve watched so far is Red Cliff – I’m looking forward to seeing the others!

  • Jane Field

    Wow you didn’t list any of my top Chinese movies
    1) Moment of Love – Girl thinks she is marrying the wrong person while finding the right one. YOU WILL CRY ! Everyone does.
    2) A Good Rain Knows – Lost love is found again after many years. GREAT Soundtrack
    3) Ocean Heaven (2010) – Dying father tries to prepare son with autism for life without him. YOU WILL CRY
    4) If You Are The One 非诚勿扰(电影 – Beautiful settings for love that just won’t work
    All the above are better then the ones mentioned, in my opinion

  • I’m going to check these out – thanks!

  • mhm2908 .

    Thanks. I checked out the video for God of Cookery but it is in Cantonese. Also I tried to look at Love is not Blind but it did not play.

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  • I think there are others china films that people should see before they die…anyway thanks for the recommendations

  • Infestedcow

    Ipman is a pretty good chinees movies there are even 3 movies of it, if u like martial arts that is

  • Cyril Berthelon

    Thanks for the article, I didn’t hear about all of them so I will watch them during my free time !

  • Andrew

    I have seen these movies and they are good.

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  • tammy

    I love the God of Cookery
    Watch God of Cookery online

  • metrodorus

    Thanks for this list!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing. Love is Not Blind
    My favorite is

  • Sujay

    I am searching for a comedy movie where the couple takes help of a lady ghost to win in all games they play at casino under one condition to spend all the money whatever they earn by sunrise next morning.
    Anyone who recognise the movie?

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