How Do You Define Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year means many different things to different people around the world. It’s a time when
kids get excited for the fattest hóngbāo|红包; a time of grand feasts consisting of dumplings, fish, and sweet glutinous rice soup (tāngyuán|汤圆). Perhaps most importantly, it’s a time of family reunions, marking the world’s largest migration every year as hundred of millions of people return to their hometowns scattered across the Chinese mainland. As we officially close off this New Year’s celebrations with the Lantern Festival (Yuánxiāo jié|元宵节), I encourage you to think about what defines Chinese New Year for you. Reflect back to your most memorable Chinese New Year and what exactly made it so memorable. In sharing mine with you, I’d like to rewind back five years ago to Taiwan, which in many ways still feels like yesterday.

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