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China's History not in the West's History...?

Posted by rich March 2, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I was kind of captivated by the small conversation in the last Upper-Intermediate level "Saved by the Gong: History Class" in how RJ and Henning were talking about how little we even heard, if at all, about China's LOOOONG history in western history books/classes.  RJ had written in reply to Henning:

same in the US. No Chinese history to speak of. When I went to school "Red China" was a mystery to be feared. I was so angry when I first went to China, realizing I had no accurate information or understanding of such a great place. Angry also with myself for letting that happen.

Was hoping to here other people's experience with hearing about China, and since I am studying more about China's history and current position in the world, would be great to hear what others have to say. 

Why is not much interest taken in China's history and contributions to the world in whole?  Is it just due to fear of China?  Is China a threat, and really that taboo of a topic?  Is China still that threat, and how have things changed?

I am with RJ in that when I think of China now after living there for 5 years, I think nothing but of a threat, yet maybe I don't understand China's current agenda, if there is one except to be a superpower like any other country would like to be... well, at least well off financially and so on.  Or maybe people just get scared of their form of government without even seeing why China is the way it is?  A product of its own history that we don't study?

If you guys have any experiences, insites, and any recommended reading material, please do share.

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