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Posted by go_manly October 31, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Has anyone else noticed how little CPod staff have posted this month? There is not one CPod staff member amongst the top 10 posters for the month - in recent months, 3 has been a more typical number. I decided to do a count. Following is a count of posts by Cpod Staff in the last few months, EXCLUDING Pete:

June 322

July 345

August 345

September 308

October 180


WITH Pete, its even worse:

June 524

July 431

August 472

September 331

October 180


Counts for individuals in October (September in brackets):

Jenny 24 (67)

Connie 18 (52)

John 46 (72)

Helen 18 (45)

Matt 25 (36)

The only 2 to rise were lujiaojie 30 (24) and suxiaoya 17 (4)


Are you all busy doing something else??  Because I for one would like some more responses to my questions.

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