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阅兵 (上) Advanced

阅兵 (上)
Constance Fang, Fiona Tian
military, parade
expressing excitement, expressing awe
certainty, 根据(gēnjù)

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    九月份中国纪念抗日战争胜利,北京城四处封街举行大阅兵,报纸新闻大篇幅报道,可以说是全国上下的大事,当然也是中国人民的好话题,这一课我们一起来听听老百姓怎么看这个阅兵活动,也听他们说说阅兵典礼的规模和精彩的内容。 Last month we saw the 2015 China Victory Day Parade, a day where we saw incredible displays of China's military might. Listen to two people chat about the parade and learn useful Chinese phrases for describing epic scenes that really stir up one's emotion.

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