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Past Experience with 过 guò Elementary

Past Experience with 过 guò

Fiona Tian, Gwilym James
place, vegetarian, experience, Beijing, travel, city
having the experience of, 虽然 (suīrán)..., 但是 (dànshì)....

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  • Past Experience with 过 guò Elementary

    过/過/guò is a past experience marker in Chinese, but what does that mean, and how do we use it in conversation?

    Listen to this dialogue about a friend asking about a trip to Beijing, and whether of not they've had the experience of eating the famous Beijing Roast Duck.

    For a Qing Wen on the past experience marker 过, click here or click on the grammar tag in the "Lesson Info" menu on the left-hand side on the page for lessons containing this structure.

    For a video about being vegetarian, watch our YouTube, I'm a Vegetarian in Mandarin Chinese

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