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Can Poddies speak Chinese local dialects? (方言)

Posted by xiaohu August 3, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi Poddies,

I personally am fascinated by language, and since I don't have either the time or the life span to learn all the languages I want to, I've had to pick my favorite that is the most useful, namely Mandarin Chinese.

I have always wanted to learn 上海话,and 广东话 and most especially 傣族话 (the language of the Dai people). 

I think the Dai people have some really fascinating cultural customs, and are the creators of some of the worlds most hauntingly beautiful instruments like the Hulusi (葫芦丝).

My Mandarin tutor told me a story about one of his students who went to a small mountain community in China to learn the dialect of a small subset of Chinese people simply so he could be the only person in the world who was billingual in English and this rare dialect.

I am curious if there are any Poddies who can speak a fair amount of one or more Chinese local dialects? (known as 方言)

Does anyone here an interest in learning some of these 少数民族的语言?

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