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Say It Right Series

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    KTV Time 28 Lessons

    KTV, 卡拉OK, karaoke - whatever you call it, KTV is an important part of Chinese social life. At KTV clubs throughout China, friends get together in their own private rooms and belt out their favorite songs. Are you ready to join them? In this show, learn about some of China's most famous music and musicians so you can knock 'em dead in the KTV.

    Vocab Tour 6 Lessons

    Let the hosts of ChinesePod take you through various quintessentially Chinese locations, learning new vocabulary as you go.

    What's the Story 9 Lessons

    Sometimes just listening isn't enough. Watch these native speakers tell their stories, share their jokes, or give their opinions, and enjoy the full range of facial expression and body language. We'll also provide visual clues to help you decode the storytellers' messages.

    The Pinyin Program 13 Lessons

    When you're learning Chinese, good pronunciation is essential. Pinyin is a Romanization system that allows you to express the sounds of Chinese characters using letters. Learning pinyin makes it easy to type in Chinese, and to look up Chinese characters in a dictionary. In the Pinyin Program, Jenny and John explain the pitfalls and tricky details of pinyin.

    The Menu Stealer 5 Lessons

    So you're learning the Mandarin tones, pinyin, characters-but still can't make sense of the menu, let alone order a meal! The Menu Stealer has come to the rescue.This video series has been created to not only solve these difficulties, but to become an interactive experience for Chinese food related language, culture and adventures - Foodshare 3.0!

    The Jenny Zhu Show 10 Lessons

    Jenny interviews expatriate professionals to uncover what it takes to succeed in China. Guests include executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and more. Through these conversations, you will gain an intimate look into the dynamic international business community and hear practical tips on how to make it happen in China. And in true ChinesePod style, you will also learn the key concept of the interview in Chinese at the end of each show.

    Shanghainese 12 Lessons

    This is a twelve-show series focusing on basic phrases and vocabulary that will help you get around Shanghai (and impress the locals in the process)!

    How to Use ChinesePod 4 Lessons

    How to Use ChinesePod is a short series of shows dedicated to helping users learn how to use ChinesePod. The episodes in this series cover levels (newbie, elementary, etc.), the parts of a lesson (dialog, podcast, audio review, etc.), how to personalize your studies, and the many different ways to use ChinesePod on and offline.

    Beijing Standard Time 105 Lessons

    All of China falls within one time zone, known domestically as Beijing Time. Combine 1.5 billion people, 55 officially recognized ethnic groups, and hundreds of languages, and you have a truly massive place. In this show, we’ll be delving into social norms, traditions, pop culture, and the personal experiences of people who live here to attempt to better understand this nation and life here in the 21st century.

    Pre-Intermediate 1 Lesson

    Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.

    News and Features 152 Lessons

    We want to keep you informed of major happenings and upcoming developments so you can make the best use of ChinesePod. In this weekly show, you’ll get a teaser of the lessons for the week ahead, plus an update on new features, changes and updates. We also pull back the veil a little on the discussions and thinking behind ChinesePod.

    Qing Wen 437 Lessons

    Qing Wen answers your questions about speaking Chinese, dealing with everything from grammar points and sentence patterns to common usage questions.

    • Qing Wen lessons can handle language points at a variety of language levels.
    • Do you have a question for Qing Wen? Please email us at

    Poems with Pete 20 Lessons

    If you're curious about Chinese literature but don't know where to start, Poems with Pete is the show for you! Join ChinesePod's Pete as he explores classical Chinese poetry, putting poems in their historical and artistic context, and breaking them down bit-by-bit. Tune in, and discover the mystery and joy of classical poetry. Please Note: Poems with Pete is a complete set; new shows are no longer being published.

    Dear Amber 71 Lessons

    Dear Amber is ChinesePod's Insider's Guide to Everything China. ChinesePod's own insider, Amber, answers questions you've always wanted to know the answers to... and even some you didn't! With the help of some expert guests, Amber sheds light on China and Chinese culture in this fun, English-language show. Please Note: Dear Amber is a complete set; new shows are no longer being published.

    Movie Madness 44 Lessons

    Ever heard Harrison Ford speak Chinese, or wondered how to say "Hasta La Vista" like a real Beijinger? Movie Madness brings you all the excitement of Hollywood blockbusters combined with eastern exoticism and bad-voiceovers. Please Note: Movie Madness is a complete set; new shows are no longer being published.