Say It Right Series

    Aliens 外星人


    A playlist for all those interested in talking about aliens, UFOs, intergalactic TV shows and movies in Chinese. "史考提,把我传送上去!" - Beam me up, Scotty!

    I'm An Alien Intermediate

    Have you ever met an alien? Well if not then after today's lesson you'll be able to elicit information from them to find out what they're doing here.

    Tags: introductions, alien, vampire

    Star Trek Upper Intermediate

    Chinese...the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship, ChinesePod. Our never-ending mission: to provide you with the Mandarin you need to communicate with humans all around the galaxy. Tune in to this podcast and make a voyage of linguistic discovery.

    Tags: hobbies, sci-fi, Star Trek, space

    Stargazing Upper Intermediate

    By the time you figure out how well Capricorns and Aquarians get along and if year of the dog is compatible with year of the rat, you might wanna try to figure out what this astronomy is all about… or is that astrology. A little knowledge can go a long way when the DVD ploy fails and you're seeking to terminate your membership in the Lonely Hearts Club. Listen to this podcast and learn to stargaze in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: location, hobbies

    Abducted by Aliens Upper Intermediate

    You don't know how you got here, everyone seems shorter than you, and they're communicating in ways you just don't understand. No, you're not in some remote Chinese village; you may be aboard a UFO! So whether you've been having missing time experiences, close encounters, or are just plain obsessed with anal-probes, in this lesson ChinesePod unlocks classified Mandarin podcasts on the otherworldly claims you might encounter on "Planet China".

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    是飞碟吗? Media


    来源链接:石家庄上空发现不明发光体(图) | 媒体MP3文件

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