Say It Right Series

    Business 2


    This course features some of the most commonly used language in the workplace. You will learn how to network, hire staff, negotiate contracts, conduct bank transfers and much more in the ChinesePod Intermediate Business Course.

    Networking Event Intermediate

    What young professional can resist a networking event? Well, it might be a bit easier to resist if you have no clue what to say to meet people. In this Chinese lesson, learn how to chat up another professional and make some of those all-important human connections.

    Tags: greetings, communications, networking, business

    A Business Lunch Invitation Intermediate

    It's pretty widely known that the Chinese like to get to know each other over the dinner table, and even make deals over meals. Not every meal is going to be a profitable venture, however, which raises the question of when it's appropriate to treat your client to a meal. In this Chinese lesson, some co-workers tackle the age-old question of "to qing or not to qing."

    Tags: eating, culture, business

    Farewell Dinner Intermediate

    Parting is such sweet sorrow... except when it tastes like beer. In this lesson, a few 'bei's are 'gan'ned as an office throws a farewell dinner for a departing co-worker. But is all the Chinese well-wishing heart-felt, or mere cliche lip service? Listen in to find out.

    Tags: dinner, drink, farewell, co-workers, cheers, future

    Airport Check-In Problems Intermediate

    In this Chinese lesson we join our ill-fated hero at the airport check-in desk. He's battling airport regulations and not doing so well. This could be you, so if you're one of those slightly more "complicated" passengers, this lesson might be just what you need.

    Tags: announcement, weight, airport, transportation, travel

    Plane Ticket Refunds Intermediate

    You may have buying an airplane ticket down pat, but what do you do when your itinerary suddenly changes? Tune in to today's lesson and get clued in on how to handle the (relatively) complex process of asking for and obtaining a refund.

    Tags: numbers, money, tickets, travel

    Visa Issues Intermediate

    So you want to work in China. You've got everything lined up and just nailed a job interview. But what about your work visa? In today's lesson, listen in on how to ask your employers about getting a work visa and potential pitfalls one can encounter in the process, all in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: work, time, visa

    Help at the ATM Intermediate

    In big cities in China, ATMs are everywhere, and many of them can even take foreign cards now. Of course, it's very useful to actually know how to use these things, and learning the appropriate Chinese terms is a huge step in the right direction. Today's lesson covers the ATM basics, including checking balances and making a withdrawal.

    Tags: money, password, ATM, bank

    Transferring Money Intermediate

    Cash is still king in China, but the occasional wire transfer is inevitable. Learn the Chinese vocabulary and patterns to transfer that money in this lesson. (Don't worry, we won't ask what the money is for.)

    Tags: money, time, bank

    Getting Reimbursed Intermediate

    ChinesePod may be the only company in the world where employees can be legitimately reimbursed for buying knock-off DVDs (they were for Movie Madness, we promise). Though, admittedly, wrangling a receipt is sometimes a challenging endeavor. In this podcast, listen in and find out how to use your Mandarin Chinese to get reimbursed for your (likely) more legitimate expenses.

    Tags: money, directions, business

    Monthly Data Plan Intermediate

    If you're from a place like the United States, you might be used to paying exorbitant monthly fees for your cellular phone service. In China, the fees can be very low indeed even including data, but there's a secret: you need to sign up for a monthly service plan. In this Chinese lesson, learn how to abandon pay-as-you-go and get on a data plan.

    Tags: technology

    Text Messages Intermediate

    You don't live in modern China without a cell phone (or, as they say in the Old World, "mobile phone"). You can get by without a new-fangled smartphone, but you must be able to send text messages to people. In this Chinese lesson, learn all the essential verbs, and even a key measure word.

    Tags: funny, money, mobile phones, text messages

    Computer Problems and Tech Support Intermediate

    We've all been there: you're in the middle of a big project, you're about to save, and... nothing. Your computer is frozen. Nothing to do but shout in anger and beg the tech. department to come over and see what the bigger problem is. A virus? A hardware issue? Tune in today to learn how to describe computer problems and how to ask for help.

    Tags: internet, virus, technology, home and office

    Job Interview Intermediate

    In this soggy job market, it's hard just to get a job interview. But if you do, you need to be able to talk about your strengths, short-comings, and unrealistic salary expectations. If you can do this in Mandarin Chinese, so much the better! In today's Mandarin podcast, you'll learn how to ace your next Chinese job interview.

    Tags: job interviews, work, office, business

    Delegating Tasks Intermediate

    Don't try to manage too many small details. That's what you have subordinates for! In today's lesson, learn how to use Mandarin Chinese to delegate responsibilities. That will leave you more time for the important stuff, like working on your golf swing.

    Tags: responsibility, task, work, manager, boss

    Powerpoint Presentation Problems Intermediate

    Powerpoint presentations promote practical, productive planning... possibly! Pointless poppycock prattle perhaps plays principal parts, periodically. Pertinent presentation points preferably populate prominent PPT positions. Proper Powerpoint production precedes power, prestige. Practice PPT propriety, podcast playas!

    Tags: office, work, chart, ppt, presentation, sales

    Ordering Office Supplies Intermediate

    You’re dealing with four tones, thousands upon thousands of words, and you’re going to try and shop for your own office supplies? Listen in to this podcast to learn how to order some very essential office supplies in Mandarin Chinese. Or better yet, a lesson on making someone else go to pick up those ballpoint pens, printer paper and markers for you!

    Tags: business, home and office

    Business Card Gone Wrong Intermediate

    Your business card is how you introduce and advertise yourself in China. It's essential that you get it right. In today's podcast, learn how to talk about business card problems in Mandarin.

    Tags: printing, show, refund, business card

    Wang Guan's Busy Day Intermediate

    This Chinese lesson chronicles a day in the life of Wang Guan, a very busy network administrator. If you deal with routers or servers much, this is a good introductory lesson for you. But a word of advice: go into this lesson with your tone hat on; it's going to give you a workout!

    Tags: work, office, technology, communication

    Holding a Meeting Intermediate

    We know our ChinesePod listeners are all good-looking and successful people. This means that at some point you’ll be chairing a meeting. So can we help? You bet we can! All we ask is that you wear your “ChinesePod RULZ” power tie. Listen to this podcast to learn how to conduct a meeting in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: introductions, business

    Public Speaking Tips Intermediate

    A foreigner who speaks Chinese is sometimes a circus side show. Be prepared for the hoopla that may follow you when you become the second Dashan. Prep now for the performing monkey acts you may yet be invited to showcase your talents in. This podcast, a lesson on public speaking, where your training will be complete.

    Tags: education, communications

    Discussing Graphs Intermediate

    Graphs, charts, diagrams, tables... if you're in a white-collar office environment, chances are you're going to be discussing these kinds of figures on a regular basis. Today's dialogue features two employees preparing for a daily meeting. Learn how to talk about trends, sales figures, quarters and other business terms in this intermediate lesson.

    Tags: office, work, business, meeting

    Teacher Salary and Perks Intermediate

    Of course, we know you're doing it for the sheer love of imparting knowledge, and the personal rewards of being mauled day in and day out by 45 snotty-nosed kids. However, we want you to be practical. In this podcast, a Chinese lesson to give you the scoop on the other stuff you're going to need to know about getting a teaching job in China.

    Tags: professions, jobs, accommodation

    Discussing Contract Renewal Intermediate

    Many times conversations about money in Chinese involve some kind of bargaining. In today's show we're exploring bargaining in a more formal setting - the office. Someone's contract is up for renewal and he's about to play hardball. Tune in to hear how it goes!

    Tags: achievement, salary, work, contract, office

    End of the Year Bonus Surprise Intermediate

    It's the end of the Chinese year, and you know what that means! No, we're not talking about long waits in the ticket line at the train station. And we're not talking about fireworks, either. We're talking about the very exciting end of the year bonus. Let's just hope it was a good year... if not, you might have to scratch that new flat screen off of your shopping wishlist!

    Tags: performance, salary, end of year, bonus, office