Say It Right Series

    Chinese Medicine


    This playlist explores the topic of Chinese medicine. We not only talk about Chinese Medicine and how to prepare it, but also traditional treatments such as acupuncture, cupping and scraping.

    Interested in Chinese Medicine Elementary

    What are you interested in? Even if it's not traditional Chinese medicine, you're going to want to know how to ask that question and how to answer it. This lesson covers two very common patterns for expressing interest.

    Tags: books, hobbies, health, traditional Chinese medicine

    Preparing Traditional Chinese Medicine Intermediate

    Have you been to the doctor lately? In this lesson, we get to experience a typical visit to a Chinese doctor who will diagnose and prescribe some traditional Chinese medicine to his patient.

    Tags: medicine, doctor, sick, Chinese medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Intermediate

    At ChinesePod, we know that part of learning Chinese is getting an introduction to the wonderful world of Chinese medicine. Before we take your pulse and make you stick out your tongue, follow our prescription and listen to this podcast to better acquaint yourself with Chinese medical advice in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: throat, science, TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, health, medicine

    Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Cupping and Scraping Upper Intermediate

    You have an aversion to being poked? No problem! You can get suction cupped! The polka-dotted welts clash with your striped outfit? Get skin scraped! All this and more to look forward to on your next health check-up. Trips to the dentist seem like a holiday now. Learn all about these Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques here in this podcast. Then go out and get healed!

    Tags: medicine, health

    冬季进补 Advanced


    Tags: traditional Chinese medicine, medicine, winter, culture, health, food

    上火 Advanced


    Tags: medicine, health

    中医面临的危机 Advanced


    Tags: patriotism, health, tradition, medicine