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    Chinese New Year


    The Chinese Lunar New Year, also knows as Spring Festival is the most important and largest festival in the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated all around the world and is a chance to get together with family, eat lovely food, and commemorate your ancestors.

    Listen to this curated playlist to learn some key phrases during the Spring Festival as well as learn some of the traditions and customs. It's a great time to practice your Chinese and use some of the language we teach you.

    New Year's Song Newbie

    Let's face it, "Auld Lang Syne" is getting just a little bit stale, so we've come up with a new New Year's song. It's gonna sweep the globe. In Mandarin. What language is "Auld Lang Syne" anyway? If it can cut it for 300 years, so can a New Year's song in Chinese. Listen to this podcast, and sing loud! The tipsier you are, the better it will sound (to you, at least)!

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    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Newbie

    Happy Chinese New Year! Whether you plan to celebrate by dancing down the street inside a papier-maché dragon, or by giving cash-stuffed envelopes to your grandchildren, this is the biggest holiday of the year in China. Learn all about it in today's podcast!

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    New Year Newbie

    When the countdown to midnight begins, you never know who you’re going to be standing next to. In this lesson, learn how to talk about how you plan to spend New Year’s, and also how to wish someone a “Happy New Year” in Mandarin Chinese. Listen to this podcast, and we’ll help you to not be lost for words when you see in the New Year with a Chinese friend.

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    Chinese New Year Market Tour (video) Elementary

    It's coming up to Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival) which is the biggest event in the Chinese festive calendar. In this episode, Fiona and Constance take you on a guided tour around a vibrant and bustling Chinese New Year street market where you can find all sorts of things to buy including festive food treats and knick-knacks to decorate your house with during this time.

    Learn some useful words relating to food and Chinese New Year, and enjoy the atmosphere of a typical scene in the run-up to Spring Festival.

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    Chinese New Year Plans Intermediate

    Certain ancient Chinese traditions are more easily assimilated to the Western mind. Five days straight of blowing off firecrackers tends to sit better than 12-course dinners. If you don't join 'em, you aren't gonna beat 'em, so put on your protective glasses and light up your xiaoqu with China's gift to the world. In this podcast, plan your Chinese New Year in Mandarin.

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    CNY Calligraphy Special (video) Intermediate

    Today's lesson is a bit different and quite special. We have a 20 minute Chinese New Year calligraphy lesson for you all to join in with. Join newbie learner Karl and advanced learner Natasha as they learn to write some common sayings and characters to write during Spring Festival.

    We will learn all about why you see certain characters such as 春 and 满 everywhere during this time, and also the meaning behind the red sheets of paper on either side of a door seen during this festival. If you don't know any of this, no problem. Get your calligraphy pens at the ready, and prepare for a spot of relaxing calligraphy.

    Amazon link for buying a calligraphy set here. Chinese New Year Calligraphy Paper Amazon link here.

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    Wishing People Well at Chinese New Year Intermediate

    In this lesson, we teach you how to wish someone a Happy Chinese New Year. First we teach you the most common ones like "xin nian kuai le", or "gong xi fa cai."

    We also teach you some Year of the Monkey specific ones that make you look super smart, as well as some really advanced phrases that will have people wowed by your linguistic genius.

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    New Year's Cash Upper Intermediate

    For corrupt officials, cash-filled envelopes involve a wink, a nod, and an expedited liquor license. For little kids, envelopes stuffed with cash mean: Happy New Year! Today's Mandarin lesson will teach you all about how to give and receive these little bundles of joy.

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    Whose Home for Chinese New Year? Upper Intermediate

    Chinese New Year is all about going home to one's family and enjoying precious time with family stuffing one's face. But what happens when a husband and wife are from different cities and they both want to go home to their own families for CNY? This dialog ensues, that's what!

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    New Year's Eve Family Dinner Upper Intermediate

    年夜饭 Nián yèfàn is the large family dinner that kick-starts the festive season. It happens the night before the start of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). In this lesson we learn about some of the foods eaten at this time, some traditions, and also how some people like to eat out instead of going home.

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    The Year of the Rooster Wishes Upper Intermediate

    It's coming up to Chinese New Year (2017) and this year it is the Year of the Rooster. Learn some phrases to wish someone well this coming CNY.

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    羊年行大运 Advanced


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    春节采访 Advanced


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